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Tim Kami

Zakiah Nasir Bafai (Jackie)

Ketua Single Moms Indonesia. Fearless, fun loving, with a healthy dose of OCD, worldwide project coordinator, extraordinary scorpion mom of 3 lovelies.

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Maureen Hitipeuw

The Founder and Operational Chief Director of Single Moms Indonesia. Maureen graduated from Public Relation college and experienced in Office Management for over a decade. She is a former PR Manager that now uses her experiences and skills to develop the community. Lifestyle and Travel blogger for over 15 years.

Blogging, photography, traveling and all creative thing are some of her favorite things to do.

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Bresti N. Ariane

Sekertaris Single Moms Indonesia. Bundanya Azka. Freelance PA dan MUA
Hobby makan, tidur, ngopi dan jalan-jalan.

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Ucik Surantiyani

Math and Physics teacher, typical Aquarian, laugh a lot and strive to be a happy mom for a wonderful son.

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Masayu Reisya (Eta)

Happy Go Lucky mother of one. Telecommunication Engineer girl with passion in Fashion

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Mia Rossita (Miun)

Happy working Momma of 2 Baby Bears who love to laugh and enjoying life to the fullest.

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